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    Enhanced office suite for up to 300 users with 2 TB pooled storage per user

    More cloud storage

    With Business Standard, you get 2 TB of pooled storage for each user in your organization to store Gmail messages, Google Photos, and files in Google Drive. Or if you have 4 or fewer users, you get 1 TB pooled storage per user.

    Shared drives

    With shared drives, files belong to a team instead of an individual. If members leave, files stay where they are so the team can continue to share information and get work done.

    Enhanced meetings

    Up to 150 meeting participants

    Meeting recordings saved to Drive

    Hand raising

    Breakout rooms

    Audience polling and Q&A

    Enhanced Chat messaging

    Turn Chat history on or off by default

    Auto-accept invitations

    Chat outside of your organization

    Advanced document versioning and management

    Organizational branding

    Approvals and labels